November 2021...from Library VP
After 18 months of extensive renovations and being closed to our loyal supporters, Whitefield Library is ready to reopen. From its very beginning in 2017, our nonprofit public library has been freely available to not only Whitefield residents, but to our surrounding neighbors, as well (we had a few Alna patrons registered).

It is our intent to continue offering free membership to our neighboring communities with the hope that our library will be used by many! Our Library website shows our beautiful renovation and our growth from a “summer library” in 2017-19 to a yearround library opening this coming January 14th. We're anxious to see new patrons and new volunteers, and we have much to share with everyone.  

If you need more information regarding our public library, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or other library staff with your questions. We’re so grateful to be able to open our doors once again to all the residents of Whitefield and our neighbors!
Thank you so very much for your assistance,
Cheryle Joslyn (V. President, Whitefield Library)