Letter from FEMA

April 4, 2024

Dear Cumberland, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Knox County and Local Officials –

Please see the 2 attached letters below. The State of Maine’s and FEMA’s Joint News Release NR-005, “Understanding Your FEMA Letter”, is attached and copied below. This news release contains important information for survivors, especially those who receive a letter explaining ineligibility from an application status review. In some circumstances, the survivor may only need to submit additional information or supporting documentation for FEMA to continue processing the survivor’s application.

The 2nd one is "what to expect from FEMA..."

 Should you have any questions, reach out via email, text, or phone call.



Mark McCalman

Intergovernmental/Congressional Affairs | FEMA External Affairs

DR-4764-ME, supporting

Mobile: (202) 706-0811