Dog Licenses
Dog licenses expire on December 31st but you have until January 31st to relicense with no late fees.  After that, you will have to pay the registration fee PLUS $25 per dog ..... or be summonsed to court. If you go to court, you will pay the registration fee + the $25 late fee + a court fine.

The fee for neutered or spayed dogs is $6.00 and for unsprayed or unneutered dogs is $11.00. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged from February 1 through March 30.

All dogs and wolf hybrid six months old or over must be licensed before JANUARY 31 of each year. As of October 15th of any given year, you can start licensing dogs for the next year.  No license shall be issued for any dog until the applicant has filed with the Town Clerk proof that such dog has been immunized against rabies.

Rabies certificates are now good for 3 years and not two.  However, before you bring your certificate into the Town Office for reregistration, you MUST go to the vet's office first to get a revised rabies certificate that accounts for the "extra" year of validity.  Without that new certificate, the Town Office cannot accept your current one and will not register your dog(s).

First time:  you must show spay or neutering certificate and current rabies certificate WITH expiration date. 

Unfortunately, many residents in town simply forget to license their dogs in time and end up getting a visit from the Animal Control Officer.  This can be embarrassing and frustrating so the easiest way to avoid this is to remember to license your dog before the end of January. It's really no different than paying your taxes every year or getting a vehicle inspection sticker.

Please inform the Town Clerk of dogs that are no longer in your possession so that you do not get placed on the warrant.