Urgent message from RSU-12 Superintendent Howard Tuttle

A message to residents of Alna from RSU-12 Superintendent Howard Tuttle:

On behalf of the RSU 12 school board, I would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to a concerning draft bill in the Maine Legislature that will have a significant impact on your taxes. LD 1789 proposes that tuition districts should pay a receiving high school full tuition for students who attend a technical center even though these students only spend half their school day at the receiving high school and the rest of their school day at the technical center. The technical center education is already fully funded with your taxes by taking education general purpose aid off the top. So, in effect, RSU 12 towns will be paying twice for technical center students. Please contact your legislators immediately and stop this bill if it comes out of committee. This bill will add approximately $25,000 to Alna’s education bill and increase your taxes unnecessarily.