Roads Committee Volunteers Needed

The Town of Alna currently has two vacancies on its Roads Committee.

Maintenance of the town's roads is one of the most important responsibilities of town government, both for public safety and to avoid major capital expenses that can result from inadequate routine maintenance.  Like many other communities, Alna has established a roads committee to address both of these concerns.  The roads committee serves in an advisory role in support of the road commissioner and the select board to help minimize road maintenance costs by helping to identify, prioritize, and plan for maintenance when it is relatively inexpensive.

We are currently trying to fill two vacancies on Alna’s roads committee.  Relevant knowledge and experience are always welcome, but not strictly necessary.  More important is an interest and willingness to work with a small group of fellow citizens to make a difference for the good of the entire community. To volunteer or to learn more, please reply to 

Thank you.