Alna receives DEP grant of $125K for Egypt Rd structure

Maine DEP has awarded a new round of municipal stream crossing grants

AUGUSTA, April 4, 2022 — Maine DEP’s Municipal Stream Crossing Grant Program provides grants that match local funding for the upgrade of culverts at stream crossings on municipal roads. Projects funded through this program will benefit public infrastructure and safety by replacing failing culverts that are at risk of complete washout or collapse; reduce flooding and increase resiliency with the installation or larger, higher capacity and longer-lived crossings, benefit fish and wildlife by opening and reconnecting stream habitat fragmented by undersized and impassable culverts, and represent a cost-effective and efficient investment based on planning, detail, and local matching funds committed to the project.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) received 44 applications to review with a total over $5.3 million dollars in funding requests. Thirty-four stream crossing projects funded this round will result in new or improved fish passage to nearly 130 miles of streams statewide, and result in less flooding and transportation resilience.

Those 34 projects included Alna's request for the replacement of the Egypt Rd structure.